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Learning a language doesn’t have to be hard! Group Courses with Spanish Aktiv Mallorca are perfect for those who want to learn Spanish in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Group Courses can run either during the day or in the evening, meaning they are perfect for people who want to learn Spanish but perhaps work or study full time. Our Spanish Group Courses are taught in small classes of no more than 8 people, so all students can get actively involved in lessons!

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We have new Group Courses starting all the time at Spanish Aktiv Mallorca. Courses start on Mondays and run every weekday for four weeks. If you need to learn Spanish urgently it might even be possible for you to join an existing course.

Courses for all abilities!

All of our courses at Spanish Aktiv Mallorca are run in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and we can offer courses for all language levels, from A1.1 right up to C2.2. Our courses for beginners will teach you the basics of the Spanish language, and after a few weeks, students will be able to introduce themselves, have simple conversations and complete basic daily tasks, such as shopping or navigating public transport. Of course, Group Courses get progressively more difficult as you go along, and by the time you reach C1 or C2, students will have a near degree of fluency.

We offer a free Language Placement Test to help prospective students find out with which level course they should start. If you would like to take this test, get in touch!

Flexible courses with friendly, native-speaking teachers!

All of our courses are designed to give you a well-rounded, general knowledge of the Spanish language and vocabulary which students will be able to use in real world, everyday situations. However, our teachers are here to help YOU! Sometimes students come to us wanting to focus on particular areas of Spanish for particular reasons, such as business vocabulary before starting a new job or wanting to revise grammar before taking a language proficiency test. If you do have a particular requirement or wish for your Spanish Group Course at Spanish Aktiv, simply let us know when you register! We can then try and find a teacher who will be able to accommodate you.

Spanish Intensive Courses

All of our teachers are qualified and have experience in adult education. Using a mixture of the best materials collected over years of teaching, our teachers will keep you engaged and interested in learning. More importantly, all of our teachers are Spanish native-speakers. This means that our participants learn authentic, current Spanish, the kind which you will hear spoken by ordinary people on the street. This is far more effectivethan learning Spanish from a book or from a non-native speaker and our teachers can work on your pronunciation and vocabulary so that after only a few weeks, you will sound like a real Spaniard!

At Spanish Aktiv Mallorca, we try to make our courses fun. Our teachers use a variety of role-plays, dialogues and games to keep lessons fresh and interesting. Our school also offers a variety of free-time activities, which give participants the opportunity to mix with their fellow students and enjoy all of the things that Mallorca has to offer, while also getting a chance to put their newly-learnt Spanish to use in a supportive, friendly environment.

Our Group Courses are a fun and relaxing way to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently. New courses start all the time, so get in touch now to start learning Spanish with Spanish Aktiv Mallorca!


Spanisch Group Courses in Mallorca

Our Spanish courses begin every week on Monday for beginners and advanced learners
Spanish lesson 9.30 am to 12.30 am
Price per Week (included material)
1 Week: 200€
2 Weeks: 400€
3 Weeks: 580€
4 Weeks: 760€
2 Months: 1.500€
3 Months: 2.200€
Our Spanish courses begin every week on Monday for beginners and advanced learners
Spanish lesson 9.30 am to 12.30 am Half-board accommodation
Price per Week with Half-board, accommodation and Spanish course
1 Week: 500€
2 Weeks: 1.000€
3 Weeks: 1.350€
4 Weeks: 1.800€

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