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Spanish Private Lessons in Mallorca

Do you want to learn or improve your Spanish? We can help! At Spanish Aktiv Mallorca, we offer a variety of engaging, fun courses to help you learn Spanish efficiently. Our Private Courses are completely customisable and perfectly suited for those who want to learn Spanish despite a busy schedule.

Do you want to learn Spanish?

Learn Spanish in Spain with Spanish Aktiv Mallorca!

Individual classes spanish in Mallorca – Flexible courses – tailored to your needs!

Individual classes spanish with Spanish Aktiv Mallorca, you are not just paying for a language course, but you can help create it. All of our courses are completely flexible, so you can decide what you want to learn. Therefore, Private Spanish Lessons are perfect for people who want to improve in certain areas of Spanish grammar, or need to quickly learn specialised Spanish vocabulary, for example for work or study. This doesn’t mean that you are doing all of the work! Our teachers have a great wealth of experience in many different areas, and will use some of wealth of materials that they have collected over the course of years of teaching to assist you in your learning. Of course, if you would rather just learn general Spanish without focus on a particular area, we can help you there too! Just let us know your requirements and we will find the perfect teacher for you!

Private teachers – Spanish available for beginners and advanced learners!

Private Spanish Lessons are possible for participants of all language levels! We can offer courses for absolute beginners (Level A1), intermediate learners (Level B1) and even courses for advanced Spanish learners (C1.) All of our courses are run in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and at the end of each course, all students receive a certificate confirming your achieved language level. This certificate is recognised all over Europe! If you can already speak some Spanish but don’t know what your current language level is, you can take our free Placement Test, which will let you know with which level you should start your lessons.

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At Spanish Aktiv Mallorca, we offer a variety of language courses right next to the beach. Where better to learn?


Private Spanish course in Mallorca

Price 33 €
Lessons of 55 Min.
Learn Spanish with fun and success! Up to 3 participants.


Affordable, risk-free Spanish lessons to suit you!

Spanish Individual classes, Spanish Private teachers in Mallorca

Learning a language doesn’t have to be expensive! With Spanish Aktiv Mallorca, you can learn Spanish from as little as 33 € per hour. Furthermore, you can decide when and how often the lessons take place! Our Private Spanish Lessons can be arranged to fit your schedule. You can book weekly evening lessons or an intensive crash course or anything in between! With Spanish Aktiv Mallorca, you always have time to learn a new language! Lessons can take place in our school in Mallorca or our teachers can come and teach you in the comfort of your own home or office! Learn alone or in small groups of no more than 4 people, so you can bring some friends along and split the cost! If you’re not sure whether our courses are right for you, we can offer a free, non-binding Trial Lesson. If after your first lesson you are not 100% satisfied, you can cancel your course and registration absolutely free. We will even refund you anything you might already have paid.

Enjoy communication-oriented and interactive Spanish language training and private lessons in Spain with Spanish Aktiv Mallorca!